WavesWe Partner with Financial Advisors

Businesses that work with TPA, Inc. for the most part work with a Financial Advisor because we know Financial Advisors can bring a level of expertise to investments and that is their focus.

We work with many types of Financial Advisors:

  • Independent Advisors
  • RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors)
  • Advisors from Wirehouses
  • Advisors within Banks or Trust Departments

Since TPA, Inc. is an independent TPA, we rely on our Investment Advisor partners to pick investments, provide employee education, and offer ongoing investment advice.

How TPA, Inc. Works with Financial Advisors:

Help with New Business

With the 401(k) business being increasingly complicated (thank you Congress), it is often an effective tactic to tell clients/prospects that hiring a Financial Advisor/TPA team (each expert in their respective disciplines) will optimize the administration and performance of their plan. Our partnership with Financial Advisors can often be the difference that helps Advisors to close a sale.

Help Simplify the Day to Day

TPA, Inc. takes the day-to-day compliance work off the plate of the Financial Advisor so they can focus on giving financial advice and best pricing to their clients.

We Act as Your Unbiased Resource

With TPA, Inc. working with hundreds of plans, many using different investment strategies and recordkeeping platforms, we can offer a breadth of information that can help the Financial Advisor service their clients.