WavesProtecting Your Information

Cybersecurity is something we take very seriously at Third Party Administrators, Inc.

Our primary security objective is to protect our clients’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII). As part of an organization that is governed by stringent banking regulations, TPA, Inc. benefits from the regulatory environment provided by our parent company. Not only do we deeply care about security, but we are also required by law to make it happen.

The parent company of TPA, Inc. invests heavily in a layered system of technology controls, which are designed to deter, detect, and prevent malicious activity directed at our web applications and information assets. To enable our workforce with the proper detection skills, we regularly conduct phishing simulation campaigns, provide training and track progress.

What does this mean to your plan and you? It means our steps taken can give you peace of mind that your data is protected. In fact, recently when the Department of Labor’s cybersecurity division introduced new guidelines, it was found that our security measures already in place exceeded what was being newly required.

Bottom line…TPA, Inc. is committed to keeping on the forefront of cybersecurity vigilance to keep your business, your business.

Portal for Personal Identifiable Information (PII):

TPA, Inc. uses a secure portal (Secure File Exchange) for the transmission of PII, confidential files, and sensitive information.

Secure File Exchange: Login

For existing users, the Secure File Exchange can be found here: www.plansponsorlink.com/tpa

Secure File Exchange: New Users

For more information about our Secure File Exchange and/or for new user sign up: Secure File Exchange Info Sheet